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Rumbles Media offers multiple creative and production related services to feature film producers.  We work across various creative streams from script to screen.

By devising an environment in which creativity can flourish within well managed operational constraints Rumbles Media can successfully deliver higher quality content to a content hungry audience. 

Creative Services: 

We have a team that can translate the excitement of your script into a focused, foundational map for a screenplay that satisfies (and even exceeds) your original vision:     

❊ Identify the core central conflict that powers every moment of your story forward.


❊ Define a strong thematic statement to firmly anchor your writing process.


❊ Flesh out the committed hero that will most dynamically bring your central conflict to life.

Our Services include:

       ❊ Script Consultation 

       ❊ Script Doctoring 

       ❊ Script Proof reading 

       ❊ Script breakdowns 

       ❊ Shooting and production schedules 

       ❊ Cast and artiste breakdowns.

       ❊ Creative thought leadership and guidance.

Post- Production Services: 


❊ We set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post.


❊ With our network of contacts within the industry, we offer introductions with special post production deals at a preferred package rate with state of the art high end post production studios situated in the heart of London.


❊ Mobile Editing:
    We can provide mobile editing solutions for your shoot, for editing on location, in your office, or in your hotel room or home- whatever your preference.


❊ Labs and Transfers:
   We liaise with labs and post facilities to make sure you get the right service, at the right price. We organize all the transfers needed, and can supervise film and media handling, shipping and storage after you might have already left for your next location.

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