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We cover all bases 





 Social Media


❊ We carry with us a wealth of knowledge internally and   externally, and ensure that each service we undertake is executed without compromise. 


❊ Whether the brief is marketing, PR, advertising, creating an online presence or events, we strike a fine balance between strategy and creativity to deliver all the right exposure.


At Rumbles Media, we believe that gut reaction can be as important as rational thought and that keeping it effective and telling it straight is the way to go. 


❊ We create a complete brand profile to present to the media. We aim to provide original and newsworthy content to new as well as traditional outlets. We recognise that PR is not just about presenting a book of media cuttings to our clients at the end of each month. 


❊ With an understanding of the media, vertically and horizontally, we develop bespoke media relations programs that identify and touch audiences according to their media consumption patterns and the trends that are influencing them. 

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